Makeup & Body Art

Halloween Makeup

We start with my Nephew, Sean Maguire, who is always game for special effects especially during Halloween. Being the sport that he is, he subjects himself to a skullcap we glue in place with spirit gum. Since Jim Carrey’s character ‘Mask’ had no ears showing, I cut the skull cap to fit the contour of his head covering his ears, then blended the hair in back to match. To save time and my Dinair Airbrush Makeup, a create a base of cake green dusted with translucent powder. It is the airbrush colors from Dinair that will blend the skullcap to skin and hair flawlessly. I used a bit of eyebrow wax to flatten his eyebrows. Using a Charcoal Black eyeshadow, I contoured Sean’s cheekbones, eye sockets, chin and forehead. Using combinations of white onyx and yellow, I accentuated the hi-lites to define his features. I used Dinair’s lip stain and a bit of black shadow…and Voila! Add a yellow suit, a hat, and a personality that can do this character justice, and the rest was party time. No smudging, melting make-up, or touch-ups needed. This product washes off with soap and water.

Body Art

3-D art is a technique where layering colors a certain way and wearing 3-D glasses will create a painting that will jump off of the skin. Other illusions can be achieved by simply airbrushing clothes over a blank canvas such as a nude body or one wearing a body suit. I have used my ability to body paint for demonstrations, photography, Halloween, and on-stage productions.