Shadow Bear

The Concept

     Shadow Bear is a visual journey of the soul from the beginning of time on earth to our hope for the future. This is a series of four large format paintings that will be posted as they are completed throughout the year. These four paintings will eventually be illustrations in the book I am writing entitled Wisdom of Shadow Bear.

Please join me on my journey as it unfolds. The first two paintings in the series are shown below with the stories of each following…so keep scrolling!




 Star People Seed the Planet

     In the beginning when the Earth was new, she was seeded with star material and life began. Blue lights danced across her developing surface as light beings kept a watchful eye on what was to root and become.

Millions of years in the development, Pleiadians returned to observe the young planet and found that life was taking hold in a variety of forms, shapes and configurations. They too were manifesting into what appeared almost humanoid, radiating a silvery blue light as they floated along the surface. What they knew is that all life, including Earth herself had a consciousness and a voice…a living, breathing, planet.

The Pleiadians were able to communicate with all living things. With permission of a host animal, they would merge into their physical body enabling them to walk amongst indigenous life forms experiencing all five senses belonging to this dimension. A deer, an animal whose energy is that of innocence, curiosity and gentleness, offered to share her physical form and allow one of these light beings to see through her sensitive eyes and feel the pulse through the bottoms of their feet.

The painting “Origins” is a portrait of one such light being at a time when all of Earth could communicate. The art of shape shifting was planted in our very DNA for future incarnations, and respect for all living things was the law.

As the Earth supports all life, our own physical bodies support life within our cells from bacteria to procreation. We are star matter on a molecular level, binding us infinitely through all time and space. We Are One!


Description of the Pleiadian

     Standing at about 6-1/2 feet tall, this being appears humanoid. She radiates a silvery blue glow that lights up everything around her like a candle in the dark. She floats lightly across the surface, and if you can tune in to a Pleiadians vibration, they have a beautiful harmonic sound that penetrates a physical body as if it were transparent. This resonance is almost like a pitch on a tuning fork that is so in harmony with us that the sound may go unnoticed, yet a feeling of well being and healing are perceived.

I’ve had dreams and visions of the blue planet, Pleiades. I perceive it as being in slow motion, flowing movements like an underwater world in a gentle surge.

Pleiadians appear to me in a gown of fine silvery-blue metallic that flows like chiffon veiling their slender bodies, as if they wear the stars themselves as a garment. As they communicate with different life forms, it’s hard to tell if they receive this exchange through telepathy or harmonics. With Earth ears, I hear nothing. With psychic ears, I hear music and experience a “knowing”. What a beautiful way to be…just “knowing.” Life is… and is unconditional.

Even the most hostile appearing plants and creatures have a place and a note to play in Universal Harmony.



The Story of Shadow Bear

     The second painting in the series is entitled Reincarnation, the introduction to Shadow Bear. She is a Wisdom Woman, Shaman and Shape Shifter. The Earth evolved millions of years since the Star People seeded the planet. Shadow Bear walks with a wolf, so both are fleshed out. Wolf’s left paw stands directly behind Shadow bear’s right foot signifying they walk the same path, (although it does not show), and as she lifts her hands and eyes to spirit, the wolf looks at the viewer…They are one.

The animals surrounding Shadow Bear are the ones allowing her to walk and speak through their bodies. Each of these animals has a message, and to those who will listen, great lessons can be learned. I chose to keep Shadow Bear’s eye color the same for all the animals as an indication that it is she who is speaking through them when permission is granted.

Shadow Bear’s skirt is gray from the waist to a bit over half-way to the layers depicting Earths’ unwritten history. The colored layers represent the many geological changes to our planet from the time it was first seeded. She stands on roots and rock grounding her to the elements and to the root system of trees and plants. She hears their voices. The flowers are not as animated in this painting, but bloom in the colors feeds our chakras and revitalizes our spirit. The trees are dense forests in the background producing oxygen for all life. I brought the Bodhi tree leaves over as the forest canopy to continue the idea that all life forms have a voice, communicate, and enlighten us. Our planet is healthy and respect of all nature is the law.