Murals, Trompe L’Oeil, Faux Finishes

Liven up any room with an accent wall mural, faux finish, or textured surface. Let your room become a conversation piece while you enjoy the visual retreat from an everyday world.


Stairwell to Wellness/ Veterans Hospital in Fresno, California

The Stairwell to Wellness began in November 2010 and was completed in April 2011. This is a tribute to all of our Veterans who gave in service to our country, and from their efforts Americans enjoy the freedom to share this great nation with our children and generations to come. Each wall is 12-1/2′ tall by 9-1/2′ wide. Depicted on each wall is a place in California for all to explore and engage in recreation. As you climb from the subfloors to the top, you also climb in elevation. The dedication wall is located on the main entrance and can been seen once the staircase in entered. I encourage everyone to walk the staircase and visit these iconic places our Veterans have made possible for all to enjoy.

Hoof ‘N’ Paw Veterinary Hospital

Located on Hwy 41, Hoof ‘N’ Paw delights clients with paintings of the animals in their care in scenic murals. The response has been so great that Dr. Beth Taylor and staff have welcomed new murals in each exam room. Clients submit photos of their pets for consideration, and are chosen according to quality of the photo submitted, capture of expression and overall cuteness.

Single Wall Murals

Murals add a unique touch to any room, ceiling, or outdoor patio