About Sheila

My Passion is my Life’s Purpose

My purpose in life is to understand and facilitate a relationship between animals and humans thru art. If I can help illuminate a respect for animals and nature by writing their stories and presenting their medicines, then my life is fulfilled.
Sheila Boyd
Capturing an animals essence in a painting is one of my favorite gifts. Helping people identify and align with their Spirit Animals is a blessing.

A Team with Limitless Ideas

I created Clear Vision Airbrush in 1989 as a sole proprietor. I met my husband in 2002 when we were asked by a client to work together on her motorcycle… Jeff (Owner of Bodys by Boyd) painting a base with Kameleon as well as handling the clear, and me airbrushing her tanks and fenders with art. It was love at first spray! Together we have been painting cars and motorcycles, and have tackled everything from automotive to fine art on granite and marble. It is the co-operation between us and the respect for each other’s talents that has made us successful as a team and in our own rights.


To be able to live one’s passions is cause for waking up in gratitude every morning.

I love what I do and am doing what I love!

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